Terms and Conditions


We endeavor to reply to all emails within 3 days. We sometimes receive more emails than we can reply to in a day, so please bear with us and know that we will reply to you as soon as we can. If you can be as detailed as possible when contacting us it really helps to reduce the back and forth!

Turnaround times

Timings listed either on this website or on Etsy are estimates, turnaround times vary greatly from week to week, so we advise all customers to liaise with us prior to placing an order to check turnaround times and availability.

Our standard turnaround time is 1-3 working days for initial design proofs from our collection and 3-7 working days for custom designs. The time from the initial proof to signing off a final design is very variable and is mostly dependent on the speed of decision making, and how many revisions you need – rough estimates are 1-2 weeks for a collection design, and 1-4 weeks for a custom design. Our printing times from approval of final design are between 10 - 18 working days.

These estimates give plenty of time to manage all aspects of an order, but sometimes circumstances outside of our control can cause delays. This is very unusual, but as it can happen, we are unable to guarantee our turnaround times.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations with full refunds are only possible before any design work has taken place, and cancellations occurring after designing has begun will only receive a 50% refund.


Design proofs are sent either via email or Etsy messages. It is vital that you check these proofs thoroughly as any errors in the spelling, grammar, layout that are approved as a final design and then sent to print are not the responsibility of Tankerville Press. Any reprints will be charged in full.

Colours and Finishes

Colours sent through on digital files will not always display accurately on your monitor screen so the printed colour may appear differently. The best way to get a true idea of the colour is to order a sample with that ink colour. Due to the nature of letterpress printing, however, the thickness of the ink which is applied varies, so we cannot guarantee ink colour will be exactly the same shade each time.

As each piece is printed and cut by hand slight variations in the prints may occur, this is just part of the charm of printing on a 105 year old press!


Samples are a means of showing the client the quality of printing as well as a good idea of the colour and size. However due to the huge variables in the printing process we cannot guarantee we will be able to replicate exactly what is seen on a sample.


We don't accept returns for any of our products. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve any issues.


Please check the dimensions of the pieces carefully before ordering, as our sizes are not standard in many countries. Also, please be aware of your local postal service envelope minimums as some pieces, such as our Small RSVP Envelopes, may not meet your countries minimum requirements for processing as standard post. Postal services minimums vary a lot throughout the world, so we place this responsibility with the client.

It should particularly be noted that our Small RSVP Envelope is sized below the US postal service stated minimum.  We have never had any issues with our envelope sizes, including in the US, but it is worth checking before placing an order. Our Large RSVP envelopes do meet this minimum. We have multiple RSVP options so let us know minimums and we can discuss sizes if you are concerned.


Shipping to the UK is always on a next day insured service. International shipping usually takes around 4-7 days and is subject to customs fees. Please check your countries customs policies as Tankerville Press is not responsible for accounting for or paying these fees